Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Joyful Child

Years ago, a good friend of mine recommended me a book aptly entitled "The Joyful Child". Although it says that it's a source book of activities and ideas for releasing children's natural joy, this book transformed my life. It gave me a new perspective in life and living. This is my "Joyful Child"...

Acylic on cold press paper, collaged and lots of blending

And here are some quotes from the book by Peggy Jenkins.
" Joy is you at the deepest level, and your joy is one with the infinite timeless joy of the unbound universe".  
Robert Ellwood

"The closer you come to your core, the greater is your joy".
Torkom Saraydarian

"The only obstacle to releasing joy is the unwillingness to express love for someone or something". 
Arnold Patent

"Joy is a state of oneness with the universe, it is an expression of love and a healing energy".
Peggy Jenkins

I hope you'll claim your healing energy, it is there awaiting our recognition and conscious awareness. Choose joy and create your "Joyful Child".....



Anonymous said...

Love all the quotes. I will use them in my art journal too. You must show me the actual pieces of these you made. I want to feel them. :)

Steph said...

It makes me happy to know the quotes meant something, that's the joy of sharing.....sure, these are my larger pieces..feels good being able to touch them.Thanks for dropping by! :)