Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Art Heals

I'm sure many of us have experienced making art as a therapeutic process... have you ever felt "liberated" after a session of playing and experimenting with paints or the various mediums, where one is engaging her whole being, creating and as she creates, she gathers positive energy to keep going... The art piece below was created on sketch paper with acrylic paints coupled with collage papers and various textures incorporated, stitched and then pasted onto a book board. The words mounted on the bookplate reads:

 " I will go with thee and be thy guide".

This is now the front cover of my art journal.

Have you experienced healing through art lately? 

Take flight and create!!
Have a good week everyone!!



Anonymous said...

Congrats to your first time blogging! Love your journal cover and page! I must see and feel them when we next meet each other again. So inspiring! BTW, I am linking you to my little playground :)

Steph said...

Hey Betzzz!
Thanks Loads! looking forward to share! cheers!