Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09-09-09 here we go!!!

Well here it is, my art blog!! I thought I'll start my first post by sharing a book I bought 2 years ago, "The 1000 Journals Project" by "Someguy" and when i picked it up again recently i was transported back in time that perhaps two years ago, i had already started my journey into creating art. This fabulous journal is a journey into the lives of many individuals through their illustrated pages. "The journals had travelled far and wide, brought to remote mountain tops, abandoned at airports, and even stolen at gunpoint. It started as an experiment and and now have both body and mind" says Kevin Kelly. Truly an enriching experience poring through the pages of this book. And when I looked at it today, I thought about my own journey into mixed media art and how I am evolving.

I've found art journaling to be a wonderful avenue to express myself. Through experimenting with different mediums, paper , paints, crayons, found objects, etc. etc background pages are created from  building layers after layers of paints, collage materials and textures, up till the  final process of finding a spot to write. More on this in upcoming posts as I've found some lovely nooks where I journal.

This blog is also dedicated to sharing my artful journey as I've found that in the world of blogging about art, there are wonderful and creative artists who are both kind and generous in nurturing the creative spirit.

And so, in closing.... here's another page.....

Live Artfully



Sharon said...

Hi Steph, This is my fav book. Go get the DVD that was made about it. It leaves you feeling astounded!! Congrats on your new blog. Sharon

Steph said...

Hii Sharon
Thanks for dropping by. I found it while googling the other day. I'm sure it is a fantastic account of the whole process. Cheers!!