Friday, March 23, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"would you buy some tea from me?......."

said the little boy...
as we walked up the slope towards the village....

"these tea are fresh.... and my parents 
just made them today"... ;)
insisted the little boy who was determined to 
make his first sale of the day....

and that was it..
I bought 3 bags of tea from these kids of the
Wa ethnic minority village

in Yunnan, China.

I've selected the following photos for this post as I know my blog friends 
who have a special interest in fabric art will be delighted.
we were gifted with their unique and beautiful fabric weaved by these women.... ;)

( here's a glimpse of the beautiful embroidery (the bag) and weaving style
of the Wa ethnic group.)

and after a week of volunteer work in Yunnan, we returned with
fond memories and a thankful heart...

Happy T Tuesday!!