Saturday, April 3, 2010

Perfect Hideaway....

We've been away to this beautiful hideaway in Singapore called

And so,

I packed our luggage
which included
"Art on the go"  bag ;)

and once in our hotel room,
I had them laid out on the table looking out to the lush foliage below.

And better still, what's a holiday without catching up on 
a good cuppa..
and also
to my delight
I found

GARRET (of Chicago) at the entrance to the
Universal Studios not too far away from the hotel!!! YAY!!!

 We spotted our beautiful feathered friends..

Peacocks, peacocks everywhere...

and I am totally inspired by their colors!! 

with an ideal space for art within  tranquil surroundings..
I couldn't help but stayed up each night, cutting and pasting and painting....

more on the art in my next post...

Happy Easter!!


Betty said...

Envy you! Let's hope we can do that together next time for our art journals...sound exciting?

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

OH what a lovely getaway!
I can almost hear the peacocks calling!
Enjoy Enjoy ... I know you are!

johwey said...

Oooh, Garrett's popcorn is addicting!