Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gifted with "T"

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the lesson we learnt in
human kindness...

we were gifted with not only the precious lesson in
being one with our hearts and allow compassion and love to drive our intentions
with lasting friendship.

These are Pu'er tea "bricks" from which Yunnan, China is famous for.
They are at least 4 years old and the oldest in the picture (the rectangular brick) is ten years old.
Pu'er tea may be kept for a long time and the older they are the higher they cost.

And these Pu'er are "housed" in beautiful boxes which the altered art enthusiast
will be beaming with ideas... ;)

 Apparently Pu'er has its health benefits as well (refer to write-up through this link):

It helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood stream,
hence reducing the risk of high blood pressure; liver diseases related to high saturated fat diets etc.
AND, it's high in anti-oxidants!

With all these goodness....

I NEED my dose of Pu'er  :))

Happy Tea Tuesday!!!

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wonderful and informative post, Steph. Are you new to Tea Tuesday? I leared a lot about Pu'er, especially since I'd never heard of it before.

Welcome to Tea Tuesday. Glad you could join us.

Kimmie said...

The packaging would be beautiful in some art piece, wouldn't it? Our local tea store sells Pu'er bricks ..... it's really very strange and I had never heard of it before seeing it there. I have some Pu'er loose tea that I love. I've noticed that no matter how long I steep it - it never gets that sharp taste. It's very delicious! Happy Tea today! Kimmie

Steph said...

Thank You Elizabeth and Kimmie!! I had enjoyed reading posts in the past months from the T Tuesday bloggers, being a tea lover myself...xo steph

Marilyn Rock said...

Love the packaging and I learned something today! Thank you! xxoo

*jean* said...

cool...i have to find me some of those boxes! they are beautiful!

Dianne said...

I bet it's very good... I've never had Yunnan tea. I do have some Assam which is supposed to be close, but it's not aged like Yunnan

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

What a lovely and special T Tuesday post dear Steph! I am delighted that you played along!
Your tea sounds healing and most special ... the packaging certainly is a bonus too ... what more can you ask for ;)
p.s. many thanks for your kind wishes

ooglebloops said...

Glad you could join us!! Love the packaging on that tea - and LOVE your bruin in your other post!!! I used to make bears years ago - this one is adorable!!!!!!