Friday, March 19, 2010

Art Happens.....

I came home early today, nursing a stiff neck
the creative surge was beckoning me...

and so

"Art Happens"


this is number one:

Art Journal pages created with acrylic background,
and collage ephemera.
The images are bordered by pasting down doilies
and painted over with Golden's Iridescent Bronze 

and another..

Acrylic background layered with collage ephemera..
(love doing this in front of the TV :)  )

I'd like to share a quote by Susan Williamson
who also wrote this wonderful book,

" Put your own wings on time, or else it will fly away on you"

Hope you've had a good week and here's to a 
wonderful weekend!!!


PS: the neck still hurts but I am pleased as peas ;) 


Anonymous said...

Your journal pages are simply amazing!

Betty said...

I love the pages alot!...sound so easy from you...Like the way you collage and layer your pictures...

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Oh Steph, both creations are wonderful!
The first one really sings to me!
Gorgeous in every detail!
Pretty darn good for having a stiff neck...hope that is history now. They hurt a lot!