Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let's Celebrate Life!!

I want to remember
the preciousness of life
and so
when I sewed this little heart today,
I had to include this "catch phrase"..

and Chester agrees with me too....

remember the sewing project which accompanied Chester?
Well, here it is!!
I made this hand-quilted bag with the guidance from Jenny,
my quilting teacher.

And here's Chester, with his friend Molly all set for an outing together.... 

Molly is an 11 inch mohair teddy bear who loves to adorn herself with pretty 
little things...

Rumi, writes the most beautiful poems and here's a quote 
which I may have posted previously;
it brings a smile each time I read this...

"The eye is meant to see things,
the soul is here for its own joy."

Happy Sunday!!!



Betty said...

Love the heart! You are getting more variety in your artwork now...good for you...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful heart and you are right, celebrate! The bears are adorable and I like bears who adorn them selves, very chic!

~*~Patty said...

Oh Steph, your heart with wings is wonderful and looks great on your pretty bag! Your bears are both so charming and sweet, they definitely have their own personalities.
Your Rumi quote is the perfect finish to your post ... I could read that one again and again!

Marlynn said...

Steph - thank you so much for visiting the Honeysuckles. I have fallen in love with Chester. He looks like he has been snuggled a lot! I too love Runi!

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

The heart is absolutely beautiful !! Love your handmade bag too. So match with the heart !!
And also the 2 lovely teddy bear.