Sunday, November 15, 2009


The dictionary describes "exhilaration" as a feeling of excitement and happiness. Today, I had such an experience when I met up with a friend whom I had missed catching up for a long while. Bettz is a talented artfriend and we've shared many a common interest in the world of art and crafting. Commonality was the precursor to exhilaration....and we found solace in sharing our thoughts and views about art...each has a quiet yearning to make better art....and to evolve and grow into our respective craft..
The question about the "intention" of our art lingered through thereafter and it sets me thinking and exploring my own...
while it was a brief moment, I experienced exhilaration! And that was something to be remembered....

And I close with a quote from the famous poet, Rumi..

"Whatever you love you are" 

xxx steph xxx

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